The Auto 10 brings WizardPDS® speed, accuracy and setup efficiency to the rest of your smaller and highly custom jobs; smaller roof trusses, occasional or deeper floor trusses (using patented WizardPDS® Drop & Lock Floor Truss Fixtures), parallel chord, any junk or jack style trusses – the Auto 10 has it covered. One step pressing, no finish roller required. No more inefficient, manually jigged or make-do ways of building this portion of your jobs; an ever increasing percentage of what you do.


WizardPDS® ready table configurable to up to 36' in length – add the automation at a time of your choosing. Jig table supplied with WizardPDS® positions spaced 24" o/c with Steel T-Slot openings spaced between 24" o/c.


The Auto-10 Press gets your small Trusses off your full size table without sacrificing the exclusive and unmatched performance and profitability of

WizardPDS® automated jigging.



Auto-10 Press System. Automated.

Get the small trusses off your big table.

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