The AutoPress 10RT Specialty Table brings WizardPDS® speed, accuracy and setup efficiency to the rest of your smaller and highly custom jobs; smaller roof trusses, occasional or deeper floor trusses (using patented WizardPDS® Drop & Lock Floor Truss Fixtures), parallel chord, any junk or jack style trusses – the AutoPress 10RT Table covers it all. No more inefficient, manually jigged or make-do ways of building this portion of your work; an ever increasing percentage of what you do.


Configurable to any table length and number of gantries – easily expands to meet

your continuing requirements.


The AutoPress 10RT Specialty Table gets your small trusses off your full size table without sacrificing the exclusive and unmatched performance and profitability of WizardPDS® automated jigging.



The AutoPress 10RT Specialty Table covers it all.

Big table performance in a smaller footprint.

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