Universal™ Table

Extend your existing table system to your required length.

The Universal™ Table is designed exclusively for adding to and extending WizardPDS® Automation to your existing table line … even discontinued models. Turn your 42' manually jigged line into a 66' fully automated powerhouse.

Add on to any existing WizardPDS® ChannelS® retrofit – or as an available option to new WizardPDS® retrofit packages.

The Universal™ Table is built for years of trouble-free service and Wizard-ready for quick automation installation.

✓ Adds WizardPDS® - ready tables to any system.
✓ Works with ALL table/gantry types … even discontinued models.
✓ 92” Table Width x Your Table Depth.
✓ Available for No Rail, Track on Floor, and Inverted/ Recessed Track.
✓ 4” Ejector Pocket between tables.
✓ Ejectors to right or left of table.
✓ End or Side Eject ready.
✓ WizardPDS® - ready with 24” OC Spacing.

Universal™ Table — for every table.

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