WizardPDS® Support

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Troubleshooting & How It Works

Calibrating Pins (View Document)
Pins Not Moving (Watch Video)
Network Topology (View Document)
Configuration of MovePins Software (View Document)
Pin Parking Utility (View Document)
Lubricating Rails (View Document)

Operating Procedures

Calibrating Pins (Watch Video)
Top Chord and Peak Adjustment (Watch Video)
Tape Measure (Watch Video)
Snap to Rail Centerlines (Watch Video)
Rotate a Truss (Watch Video)
Pin Option Box (Watch Video)
Manually Reposition a Truss (Watch Video)
Hold Orientation (Watch Video)
Truss Plate Information (Watch Video)
Flip a Truss (Watch Video)
Manually Moving a Pin (Watch Video)
Basic Operation (Watch Video)
Adding Camber (Watch Video)

Training & Resources

Training Options (View Training)
Assembly Safety Videos (Watch Videos)
Safety Guidelines - English (Download PDF)
Safety Guidelines - Spanish (Download PDF)
Suggested Supplies (Download PDF)

Technical Support

Ph. (800) 523-3380