WizardPDS® The bottom line | Q&A

When first introduced to the reality or necessity of a WizardPDS® retrofit, many of the same questions arise - from how much automation is needed, learning curve for a new manufacturing process, to cost and affordability. Below we hope to address some of the most popular concerns in brief.

A: No. You can automate any portion of the table that you wish. The system is expandable, you can simply add more jigging at the time of your choosing.
A: You have at least three choices; a.) You can arrange to do the work yourself. b.) Have a qualified WizardPDS® table vendor perform the work. c.) Schedule to send your tables to our facility in Minneapolis where they will be upgraded and returned to you short time later with the WizardPDS® drop-in ChannelS installed.
A: Yes, the WizardPDS® system is installed on and works with virtually all known brands of truss design software; i.e. Alpine, Arce, Computruss, MiTek, Robbins, TrusWal, Tee-Loc
A: No. The Wizard requires nothing more to achieve the results that we show you. If you have other non automated equipment, you may be better off to relocate the Laser to that machine and improve it’s efficiency.
A: Yes. Our new WizardPDS® Gold software fully integrates with the Laser system. Your operator simply uses the wand or remote at the table to call up the next truss or move it. Once the operator has the truss positioned where desired, the WizardPDS® automatically initiates the set up to that position. No additional operator input is required.
A: No. Our flagship, WizardPDS® system is designed exclusively to eliminate the need for ALL manual jigging or images to accomplish the results shown in the video.
A: Your operators will be running the system competently and at new levels of efficiency in less than a day.
A: If you can keep the machine busy at least 8 hours per day, payback time on the Jigging is a matter of months. Frankly, you cannot afford not to own this system.
A: The WizardPDS® will allow you to produce 50-100% + more product with 40% + less labor. Our customers have also reported another 20% + increase at their other tables as the result of sending the difficult and complex jobs to the Wizard. It may be the only way to achieve profitability during a downturn. Because the WizardPDS® system eliminates set up time, you are able to make money on every truss that you build.
A: The first WizardPDS® system is now operating in its 19th building season. With hundreds of systems sold since it was introduced at the BCMC show in '05. Call any of the Wizard users to learn what they have experienced. The unique patented WizardPDS® design remains unchanged; same name, same design, same results!
A: The reasons are many. Here are just a few. It was developed and perfected by an actual truss fabricator for their own use. When they saw the results that the WizardPDS® achieved in their plant, they knew that this system would change the industry... and it has. You may have noticed our competitors scrambling to redesign their older systems to resemble ours as closely as possible. The WizardPDS® product quality, reliability, service and support are second to none. With deep roots in truss fabrication we offer service and support at the level you hoped for, but were never able to find. You are trained and supported by people who are experienced truss fabricators and know how to utilize the system to its highest potential. This includes instruction from your cutting department through stacking the finished product. We show you the total solution to building trusses with this new level of automation.