All WizardPDS® Perimeter Definition Systems are 100% Automated with NO manual jigging

and include patented 2-pins per per channel, open channel design and near-ZERO setup

time. WizardPDS® ChannelS® will retrofit any table.


New table installations and retrofit table systems are configured around/to/goal 24" o.c.

spacing to provide optimum performance throughout your table line.


(New table options available HERE, new Universal Table for extending discontinued systems HERE,
used and reconditioned lines available HERE).


New to the line-up of Wizard-ready tables, The AutoPress 10RT Specialty Table brings WizardPDS® speed, accuracy and setup efficiency to the rest of your smaller and highly custom jobs


WizardPDS® Gold Software powers all systems and is compatible

with all truss design and laser integration software.


Options include Truss Projection, Laser Integration and Drop & Lock (Floor Truss) jig fixtures.


Add as much, or as little, WizardPDS® automation as you need; the entire table line

or a 40' section to capture the bulk of your schedule – in fact, with the

time-intensive setups dedicated to your WizardPDS® automation, your manual

table is now free to maximize its potential with longer runs and basic truss geometry.


And WizardPDS® is fully expandable, allowing you to add additional 100%

automated jigging to your tables at any time.

All WizardPDS® Perimeter Definition Systems are
100% Automated with
NO Manual Jigging!

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